Vaughan is the Digital Design and Access Librarian at the Karl E. Mundt Library on the campus of Dakota State University.  

In December 2016, Vaughan graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a Masters of Library Science and Masters of Information Science with specializations in Music Librarianship and Art Librarianship.  He came to Indiana University Bloomington after graduating with a Bachelor of Music in Cello Performance from the University of North Texas.  Since taking Kristina Keogh's Art Librarianship course, Vaughan has become fascinated with artists' books, visual literacy, and pedagogical methods that incorporate themes of both music and art.  

In teaching, Vaughan believes in creating an environment of practicality and exploration where those who are learning are allowed to investigate and apply lessons organically, this enables each learner's ideas to develop.  To Vaughan, it is imperative to create a structured, pedagogical platform that incorporates all learning styles, thus creating a contextual basis to build a complete student.

Vaughan's approach to library and research pedagogy is heavily influenced by his experiences teaching Suzuki cello and observing different teaching methods while learning how to teach the Suzuki method of musical training. 

Currently, Vaughan is the coordinator of the LGBTQ Special Interest Group in the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) and the Web Technologies Officer for the Music Library Student Group,