Music Library Student Group (MLSG)   

As Web Technologies Officer of MLSG, I led an update of the website.  MLSG is a student run organization that seeks to connect library students interested in music librarianship.  


Bringing Student Art into the Residential Programs and Services (RPS) Libraries

Indiana University, Bloomington 

This unique collaborative project brought student art from the Art Fundamentals Department at the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts into several of the Residential Program and Services (RPS) Libraries on the Indiana University, Bloomington campus . RPS Libraries provide a unique environment where undergraduate residents can be exposed to the unique cultural associations and departments on the Indiana University, Bloomington campus. 

The Art in the RPS Libraries project took place over the course of three semesters, each semester the number of artists and libraries participating increased. The creation of this project was conceived during a brainstorming session that I had with artist, Erin Tucker.  We wanted residents in the RPS Libraries to have more exposure to the Art Fundamentals courses available to students. Erin and I were also interested in attracting new patrons into the libraries where student art was exhibited.   

An anonymous, voluntary survey was collected during the first iteration of the project to gauge student exposure and interest in having art in their environment. The result was very encouraging: 

  • 95% of students enjoyed having student art in the library environment 
  • 99% of students responded as having never seen student art before. 
  • Student responses include: 
    • "It is a rightful place for visual art - it makes the place less stressful and calm because you're not just staring at bookshelves and homework - abstract pieces catch your eye and give you a mental break"

    • "[The art] adds to the creative ambiance. It helps motivate me to come into the library more often"

    • "It's really cool to see things that other IU students have made; I appreciate the work they put into their projects and think it makes the library more fun" 

Pictures of the student art in various RPS Libraries are shown blow.