Zine Program

I sit here in my office listening to University of North Texas' performance of Puccini's Turandot, thinking about how great the Zine workshop that I put on went!

At the peak around seventeen people were in attendance! Sion Lidster, a writer and zine maker in Sioux Falls, SD lead the workshop and I helped to make sure everyone was on the right track. Everyone involved had such a great time!  For a majority of all the students participating, it was their first time making a zine. 

Sion began by introducing himself and gave a brief background of zines and zine culture. We started the workshop by making a quick little eight-page personal flip book. He explained how to fold the zines and the layout of each page. We then spent fifteen to twenty minutes working on this booklet - people filtered in throughout this initial event.

The second part of the workshop was the creation of a single zine folio. Here, participants cut up magazines and drew interesting designs to create very vivid pages. 

Because the workshop took up four or five tables, other students began inquiring about the workshop and about zines.

At the end of the two-hour workshop, every student had a physical item to take home with them!  Below is the black and white version of the zine!

I was so anxious before the workshop because I didn't know if anyone would show up.

I hope to do a similar program with younger students - those in middle school and high school will like the self-authorship, resistance, and freedom of the zine. A high school student was in attendance and she was excstatic with the final product!

The coolest part of the workshop was that students had a newly made zine that did not exist an hour previous. ALL of the participants loved the program and had a great time!  I hope to do something like this again!